As we foster your child’s education, we continue to look for ways to help your child to perform at his/her best.  We realize that some students may need additional help or support outside of the classroom.  In light of that, we would like to offer your child the opportunity for additional support after school.  Should you take advantage of this, your child will need to find their own means of transportation home.  The opportunity for this support will follow the schedule below:

                                    Tuesdays       Ms. Kusunoki                         2:30-3:30

                                    Wednesday   Mrs. Kalama                          2:30-3:30

                                    Thursdays      Mr. Gonsalves                       2:30-3:30

                                    Fridays           Ms.Kerr                                  2:30-3:30

 If you and your child have an agreement that he/she will attend after school, please check the planner that evening to see if your child attended, what your child completed, and what time your child left after school support.

On Mondays there will be no after school help with the core teachers, as we are obligated to attend meetings on that day.  However, after school support is offered through our education assistants on Mondays from 2:00 – 3:30 in Room F102.  Occasionally, Mondays will not be available to allow the educational assistants to attend trainings.  

 When students attend after school support we expect them to be seated and working by 2:30.  If your child finishes before 3:30, we will have them read their book for their Accelerated Reader Class.  Should your child take advantage of this opportunity, your child must be there for the purposes of additional support.  If he/she is not on task, your child will be asked to leave.  Please be advised that under special circumstances, a teacher may cancel after school help for the day.  If this is to occur, students will be advised to attend after school support in Room F102. 

After school help is an opportunity for your child to ask additional questions, seek help in areas that are unclear, revise work, and to complete unfinished or missing assignments.  We hope that your child will take advantage of this opportunity should you feel it is necessary.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here at the school.  Thank you for your continued support.